Pre Implementation

In this phase is to understand the customer organization work and business process, through performing the site visits if applicable and meeting the key users or through remote commination tools like skype, zoom, and Team Viewer, to help our consultants to understand better the business environment and requirements and put the road map of how we can improve the customer business according to the best practice of using our system. In this phase, we will define the project roles and responsibilities “responsibilities Matrix”, in addition to the implementation team from ITAC and customer. The major deliverable of this phase is the approved project plan document.

  • Responsibilities
  • Gap Analysis
  • Project Plan
  • Resources
ITAC illustration 2
ITAC illustration 3


In this phase, the ITAC project manager will agree with the client project manager on the detailed training schedule, move the customer into on-going support after a successful “go-live”. The major deliverable is confirmation of a satisfied customer who has all the information needed to make effective use of their new solution.

  • Transition from current system to ITAC System
  • Data Migration/Conversion
  • Customization Deployment
  • Validate Customization
  • QA