Postal Management System consists of multiple integrated subsystems that can be applied in postal offices; these systems provide a comprehensive database of the postal services and activities to effortlessly serve the beneficiaries. ITAC Postal Management System has been developed to be consistent with the international postal union standards, worth mentioning the system ability to be integrated with other financial and managerial systems for data transmission purposes.

Key Features
  • User friendly GUI Interface.
  • Arabic GUI.
  • Ability to be integrated with the postal systems.
  • Online and Offline communication with the management.
  • Provide various types of analytical reports.
Postal Services Management Module
  • Letters and Parcels Management.
  • Mail Boxes Services Management.
  • Bills Collection.
  • Internal and External Transfers.
Post Office Module
  • Office Counter Module.
  • Office Supervisor Module.
  • Data Transmission Module.