Medical Rep Application

Medical Rep is a medical-specific system that allows medical representatives to manage, improve, and control their visits and relationships with physicians. It is regarded as a field force automation system for mobile workforce that collects and uses real-time data to provide a competitive advantage. Among its main modules and features are back office, mobile applications, tracking maps, reporting and analysis dashboards.

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ProVanMate Application

ProVanMate is a powerful fully automated system for managing and controlling the entire selling and distribution cycle in order to optimize sales processes and reduce costs. It has a plethora of sophisticated features to assist with cash van, order taking, product, customer, and stock management, among other things.

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Delivery Management System

The Delivery Management System was created by ITAC to assist logistics companies in handling, tracking, and diagnosing shipments in order to reduce the time and effort required for their overall delivery process. You can manage orders, collections, and a variety of other tasks based on driver level and vehicle type with the ITAC Delivery Management System. It also manages the delivery order request process based on each role and responsibilities, from vendor to driver to account manager to GM

Fleet Management System

ITAC developed the Fleet Management System to allow transportation companies to systematically request, track, and diagnose vehicles in order to reduce the time and effort required for their overall transportation process. Based on driver level and vehicle type, the ITAC Fleet Management System allows you to manage vehicle fuel, maintenance, and many other aspects. It also manages the vehicle request process, beginning with the driver and ending with the GM, according to each role and responsibilities.

Cash Collection Solution

Money Collection is a powerful mobile application created by ITAC to improve the collection process and assist businesses in tracking the collectors' work details. Furthermore, it is used to easily settle each collector's collection.

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