ITAC has established a service centre in Jordan that is a Honeywell® certified Service Center. ITAC Service Center offers professional and high-quality services for Honeywell® devices, such as:

  • • Providing Services and Maintenance to all Honeywell® products and devices (Honeywell®, Intermec®, DataMax®, Metrologic®, LXE®).
  • • Replacement and spare parts are available for all Sold devices.
  • • Offering Maintenance Contracts to Customers, which ensures clients are always on the safe side for your devices and are classified as: o Standard Maintenance Agreement.
  • • Complete and Total Agreement
  • • Program for Wear and Tear
  • • Providing clients with the necessary trainings and seminars to work on the devices and maximize their potential.

ITAC Service Center Powerful Points:

  • • Jordan's and the MENA region's most advanced certified service centre.
  • • Professionals and staff with over 15 years of experience using and maintaining Honeywell® devices.
  • • Participating in annual Honeywell® device maintenance seminars and training sessions.
  • • Maintaining global Honeywell® maintenance service standards.