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International Partners


ITAC has always had a partnership agreement with Honeywell, the leading mobility hardware provider. ITAC formed this partnership to provide the best automation and mobility solutions that integrate perfectly and flawlessly with Honeywell hardware and components, resulting in success for both parties as well as their customers.


Oracle has designated ITAC as a gold partner. The highest level of partnership with Oracle is Gold Partner, which allows ITAC to provide a total solution based on Oracle technologies, as well as the highest level of services and support for the solutions.


SOTI has placed its trust in ITAC as a strategic partner in the field of mobile management systems. SOTI is a market leader in this area because its solutions offer complete control and management of users' devices.

Business Partners


ITAC has built a partnership with Digi2Gold Company developing them a one-of-a kind application and platform that works with institutions which provides services for children (ChildCaps). Digi2Gold is a Jordanian company that was found in 2022 with the goal of assisting enterprise in innovating their business models in order to ride technological waves and capitalize on chances in marketplace by digitilaizing their markets, services, and products.


ITAC has formed a business partnership with Delaware Horizon developing them a comprehensive platform for all digital banking services required by customers (MyMo EXPRESS). Delaware Horizon is an American company with the purpose of serving as an incubator for all inventions and technical systems based on creativity and innovation in the field of full technology platforms.