Restaurants Application

Restaurant mobile application assists restaurant owners market their restaurant offerings on their own; saves their cost, time, and effort of creating marketing campaigns and promotions through any third party as they can systematically create the desired ad to meet their business objectives using the latest mobile computing technologies and powerful software solution.

Orders Delivery

ITAC's Orders Delivery Mobile Application is a branded application used to manage logistics operations. It is made up of three major components: Management and Reporting Module, Delivery Module, and Drivers Settlements Module.

Payment Management Application

A powerful mobile application improves the collection process and assists businesses in tracking the collectors' work details, as well as settling each collector's collection in an easy manner.

Maintenance Application

ITAC created the Maintenance Mobile Application as a powerful mobile application to improve maintenance operations and keep track of work details. It is divided into two parts: the Management and Reporting Module and the Maintenance and Invoicing Module.