The reason behind developing the Document Warehouse Management System is to provide the organization with comprehensive software and hardware solution, in order to automate and manage document storage process using handheld computer device and barcode printer.

Key Features
  • Manage Documents ID, and identify storage locations.
  • Control and enter paper documents into a suitable storage units/ Boxes.
  • Facilitate the destruction on any document that no longer required.
  • Increase the efficiency of delivered requested documents.
  • Reduce manual procedures in documents storage.
  • Create a central database including all documents transactions/ movement.
Back office Application
  • Storage Management.
  • New Storage Records.
  • Borrowing /Retrieval Process.
  • Retention /Destruction Process.
  • Reporting.
Mobile Application
  • New Record Storage.
  • Borrowing / Retrieval Process.
  • Moving Records Process.
  • Retention/Destruction Process.
  • Destruction Confirmation.
  • Stocktaking Process.