The Document Warehouse Management System was created to provide the organization with a comprehensive software and hardware solution to automate and manage the document storage process using a handheld computer device and a barcode printer.

Key Features
  • Manage document IDs and storage locations.
  • Manage and enter paper documents into appropriate storage units/boxes.
  • Make it easier to destroy any documents that are no longer needed.
  • Improve the efficiency with which requested documents are delivered.
  • Reduce the use of manual procedures in document storage.
  • Create a centralized database that contains all document transactions and movement.
Application for the back office
  • Storage administration.
  • New Storage Documents.
  • Borrowing and retrieval procedure.
  • Retention/Destruction Procedure.
  • Reporting.
Application for Mobile
  • Improved Record Storage.
  • Borrowing and retrieval procedure.
  • Records Transfer Procedure.
  • The Retention/Destruction Procedure.
  • Stocktaking Procedure.