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  • ITAC Meter Reading System is a complete software and hardware solution that automates the meter reading process using mobile computing technology and powerful software applications. The automated mobile meter reading system will help readers and users throughout their daily work in order to improve their performance in more than one field.

    Solution Overview:

    The proposed solution is divided into two major parts:

  • Meter Reading Portable Application:
  • This software part will be implemented for each handheld device to handle and manage the field activities of the readers and collectors.

  • ITAC Middleware System:
  • Through this system headquarter users are able to manage the handheld's details, meter reader routes, and daily activities and provide headquarter with the required key performance indicator (KPI) and the performance reports.

    Meter Reading System Integration:

    ITAC Meter Reading can be integrated through a well-defined integration layer in one of two ways:

    1.) ITAC Back-Office application

    2.) Specially designed third party Back-Office integrator

    System Specifications:
  • Tracking user's generated activities
  • Calculating the water consumption value
  • Printing invoices at the client site
  • Automatic downloading of generated transaction's data
  • On-site collection of invoice values
  • Ensuring better control over client site updates
  • Continuously updating and correcting client information throughout daily routes
  • Solution Key Features:
  • Flexible and easy to be learned and used
  • Ability to integrate with third party Back-Office System
  • Transactions are highly secured
  • Supports tracking systems through GPS/GPRS (Optional)
  • Fully parameterized application
  • Bilingual application interface (Arabic & English)
  • Reliability, seamless crash and data recovery
  • Very high speed data transfer using the latest wired and wireless technology
  • End of day or real time data synchronization