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  • Itacware Maintenance System aims to follow up technical problems that occur on

    the devices and machinery in the facility or the ones that are sold by the facility and subject to warranties or maintenance contracts. This is in order to keep the system running starting from when the problem by the employee or customer is reported until the issue is resolved.

    Features of Maintenance Management System:

  • Defining the clients with all their details in a special card.
  • Defining technicians who carry out maintenance work.
  • Defining the sub-distributors of the equipment for the follow-up purposes.
  • The possibility of linking them with the warehouse system.
  • Providing a special record for equipment's and machinery owned or sold by the facility with a special record to receive maintenance requests by employees or the clients.
  • Scheduling the requests that are received at the time of the technician's availability.
  • Following-up the maintenance process until it's completed through a detailed report.
  • Possibility of using handheld devices to follow up maintenance work automatically.
  • Managing comprehensively spare parts that are added or replaced.
  • Managing comprehensively the type of maintenance work whether it is subject to bail, specific fee, or others.
  • A special screen for customers to evaluate the provided service for monitoring and auditing purposes.
  • Integrated interdependence between accounting systems, warehouses, and others systems.
  • Automatic reminder for the client or technician with the maintenance schedule by e-mail or SMS.