A complete range of systems that serve small and medium sized companies in the trade, services and government sectors, which includes the general accounting system, cash and check management system, accounts receivable and payable, Inventory management system and the human resources system & payroll. These systems have been developed using Microsoft.NET and the database SQL Server.

ITACNet Business Applications:

It includes the following sub-systems:

1.) Financial System which includes the following:

   a.) General Ledger

   b.) Cash and Check management System

   c.) Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable

2.) Inventory Management System

3.) Payroll System

4.) Human Resources Management

General Characteristics of ITACNet Systems:

  • Multi-company- The possibility of defining more than one company to the central database and dealing with the companies through the different systems in a way that each company maintains its own information conservatively, both the financial and management data and as well as the user's data. dress
  • Multi-Cost Center- Through this feature the user can manage more than one cost center in the company which enable the user to follow the detailed income and expenses of these centers and provide accurate detailed financial and administrative information.
  • Multi-Store- The possibility of the definition of a store or more on the system with the ability to perform all the movements that belong to store such as reception, sales, etc.
  • Multi-User- The ability of defining more than one user that can deal with the system with high flexibility to classified users to different working groups empowered with the ability to control user's information through the system administrator.
  • Multi-Currency: The ability of dealing with any currency other than the local currency, whether in buying or selling, and maintaining currency exchange rates.
  • Bilingual Graphical User Interface- ITACNet System has an interactive and unique graphical user interface (GUI) in both Arabic and English, through which the user can implement most of the activities and regardless of the complexity of using visual tools, taking advantage of the features of a Windows operating system.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office application and other applications:
  • ITACNet System provides the possibility of systems to convert the reports to Microsoft Office XP / 2000/2003 applications such as Word or Excel in addition to Adobe Acrobat Reader applications to take advantage of these applications.

  • Enhanced Security System:
  • The user can through the distinctive system security and protection and supplement with the main system establish different groups of users and classify them to these groups with a variety of specific powers depending on the user's role in the system. It also provides system security and protection and possible follow-up and audits of all users' movements.

  • Online Help:
  • ITACNet System provides immediate assistance required for the users during the application of the system through an integrated assistance system designed according to the

    necessary technical features criteria. The system is characterized by the availability of search tools and indexing that makes the reference process to the help system interesting and enjoyable through the availability of multimedia images and illustrations which guide the user by word and image on how to use the system optimally.