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  • ITAC Stock Taking System is a portable standalone industry-leading solution which allows you fast and accurate counting of barcoded stock. ITAC Stock Taking System is ideal for businesses as small as supermarkets to businesses as big as hypermarkets. It is an all-in-one solution to solve the inventory counting needs easily and accurately. Stock Taking Systems pull together several technologies into one cohesive approach.

    If you're currently performing counting procedures manually by pen and paper, ITAC Stock Taking System will improve efficiency and reduce the cost by automating your counting process. ITAC Stock Taking System takes the inventory counting process to a higher level, giving the ability to save time and money. The ITAC Stock Taking System has a feature of performing IN-OUT Stock Taking whenever required.

    All of the item's operations will be manipulated based on the item barcode.

    Main Objectives:

  • Reduce human errors
  • Spend less time when inventory counting
  • Fewer headaches when inventory counting
  • Guide your employees during counting for more accurate counting
  • Get accurate and reliable data about the counting process from your desk
  • Monitor the performance of your employees during the counting
  • Ability to integrate with your back office system through text files and/or excel sheets
  • System Components:

  • Handheld Computers: CK3 /CK71 handheld computer (windows mobile operating system, touch screen, rugged design, Wi-Fi connectivity, Imager Barcode Reader (1D, 2D, or Near-Far technologies)
  • ITAC Stock Taking Portable Application: This is an application that will run on a handheld computer.
  • Middleware Software: This is an application that will run on an Intel-based-PC with Windows OS. Middleware Software is responsible for transferring data between the PC and the handheld devices.
  • How it works:

    There are many ways of inventory counting which depend on the type of business and the customer requirements. Below is one of the scenarios of inventory counting: Each user will be equipped with proper handheld devices to perform the inventory counting task. The process work flow is described below:

  • Enter username and password
  • Import the data for the inventory(s) to be counted
  • Select inventory to count
  • Use the handheld device to scan the item barcode
  • Display the details of the item
  • Prompt the user to enter the quantity of the scanned item
  • If the scanned item does not exist within the unit's database, the user will be alerted and prompted to confirm the entered item barcode. If confirmed, the system will consider the scanned item as a new item, and the user will be prompted to enter the description, price and quantity for it.
  • Previous entry can be viewed using the discrepancy report screen
  • Send the collected data to the PC middleware software
  • * Data sent to the PC will consist of the quantities of the actual collected items, new items data and any data entered through the application. A report is formed for differences between accounting records and physical quantities. After the inventory process is finished accounting records are adjusted to match actual quantities on hand.