Through the system an unlimited number of deductions and bonuses are defined as well as determining the general and main characteristics for each deduction or bonuses undergoing tax, social security, or overtime.

The user can define all types of bonuses and deductions for employees, whether these bonuses or deductions permanent or temporary.

The system provides the possibility of defining bonuses and deductions as a percentage of another set of bonuses.

It is possible to determine bonuses and private deductions in the employment regulation or public allowances and deductions on the level of the system as a whole, regardless of type of employment or employment regulation.

The system processes the standard deductions, social security deductions and monthly tax deductions.

The system provides the ability to calculate salaries any day of the month, taking into account the days of the calculated month, as well as all bonuses and deductions effective and any other administrative decisions that affect the calculation of salaries.

The user can re-calculate more than once, both for all the employees or part of them prior to the acceptance of salaries and verification permanently.

System retains all adopted calculation restrictions in the historical files; the user cannot modify them, only for the purposes of query and reporting.

The system provides the ability of stopping the salary or calculating a proportion of it under different administrative decisions.

Financial reports are extracted and monthly and historical staff vouchers through the system directly and immediately calculate the salaries and audit.

Possible to convert salaries calculated to more than one bank or dispense cash from the system.

Through the system all the information concerning the employment request is entered and extracts a wide range of reports depending on the qualification, place of residence and so on from the determinants.

The system considers any bonuses or deductions that must be calculated retroactively for a month or more, according to parameters contained in the registration and, depending on the premium features or withholding knowledge in the system.

The system calculates the deduction of social security by the percentage specified in the constant parameters of the system automatically, as well as deducting tax, taking into account exemptions for each employee.

The system provides the ability of calculating the additional salaries.

The possibility of maintaining annual increases limits for the employees with the possibility of amending the basic salary for employees automatically.

The user can through the system enter overtime information for each employee.

Reports & Inquiries:

The system provides all necessary reports and inquiries to maintain the operation of the system whether linked to the main daily activities in addition to the analytical and historical necessary reports.