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  • This system is a portable hardware and software solution that has been developed to automate the delivery operation. It has been designed carefully

    System Components:

  • Intermec Hand-held Computer
  • Intermec Portable Printer
  • Intermec Barcode Printer
  • Order Delivery System
  • System Operations:

  • Order Registration
  • Order Approval
  • Order Preparing and Receiving
  • Order Delivery
  • Order Registration:
  • After receiving the customer order, the user must enter the order information through the system by filling the customer information (in case the customer information is not defined in the database, the system allows for adding customer information through user screen).
  • After that the user completes entering the order details such as (delivery date, SKU's and the driver name...etc.)
  • After data completion the user must submit the order and print the order details report.
  • Order Approval:

    After viewing the order details the responsible person must approve the order by pressing the approval command. The system will give the manager the ability to modify the order information or cancel the order.?

    Order Preparing and Receiving:

  • The user in charge of the delivery receives the items of the order by logging in to the system, where the orders that should be received and had been confirmed will appear in the date of that day.
  • After that the sales representative reads all the serials (if the products have serial numbers) of the items using the handheld device.
  • After the completion of reading the items barcode the user must save the reception operation and sync it to the database and start his route. The approved orders will be displayed to the users.
  • Order Delivery:

  • The user will start his route by reading the warehouse barcode which is located in the warehouse. The system on the handheld device will show the approved orders that should be delivered on the screen, with the basic primary information for each (Customer name, Address, Mobile number and notes).
  • When the driver arrives to the customer location, he will choose the order and start reading the SKU barcode (in case the driver read an item not found in the order, or the quantity of the order is less than or greater than what was ordered the system will decline the order until all order items are read).
  • After the completion of reading all items the system will print a delivery receipt using the portable printer and end the operation and finish all remaining orders in this route.
  • In the end of the driver route he will read the warehouse barcode again to finalize the route. Then the system will transfer the data to the database automatically.