The warehouse and materials management system is the main base for the management of materials and control of the input and output processes to/from the various warehouses, where the system handles all information on the items and provide information which assists the management in making appropriate decisions regarding materials and inventory.

The warehouse management system is linked with the financial system through accounting transactions, which ensures high accuracy and non-repetition in the entrance of financial information, which helps reduce human error and no doubt the warehouse management is linked completely to the accounts payable and receivable, as well as sales and purchases management.

  • ITACNet Warehouse Management System provides warehouse management features and advanced features which are easy to use and compatible with the requirements of most users.
  • ITACNet Warehouse Management System sorts items of different categories and types and follow ups on all their financial and administrative details in addition to the item balances in all the warehouses. The system also provides the possibility of item inventory in the warehouse using Hand-Held Computers in an efficient and flexible way.
  • General System Information:

  • Create main item card, which contains all data concerning the item such as sale prices and discounts, etc.
  • Classify items in the warehouse into families and categories and into an unlimited number of levels.
  • Track items through more than one unique key such as item barcode, item number, or reference number.
  • The system is capable of tracking the minimum and maximum limit for reorder of each item in a warehouse or in all warehouses.
  • Dealing with more than one unit for an item and process the conversion factor between the different units.
  • Maintain supplier information and identify the main materials that are supplied in addition to the supplier status and evaluation.
  • Define unlimited number of warehouses, whether these warehouses are sections or cars or actual depots.
  • The possibility of linking warehouse users and defining the powers of each user in the warehouse with the possibility of knowing the cost or undoing daily input and output movements without the need for more user powers.
  • The possibility of maintaining different tax tariffs information whether it's a value or proportion.
  • Calculate the cost of materials using methodologies accepted by cost, such as:
  • Weighted Average
  • First In First Out- FIFO
  • Daily Movements and Update Programs:

  • The possibility of maintaining information of the opening balances of materials in all warehouses and maintain these balances depending on the daily movements that are done by the system.
  • The system provides the possibility of dealing with batches per warehouse.
  • The system allows the possibility of giving a special serial for each warehouse and each type of movements in the warehouse.
  • System deals with all kinds of movements that are in the warehouse such as input and output, input and output returns, damage, conversion; in addition to manual inventory or automated using the inventory machines (Intermec Handheld Computer). It is possible to activate all or some of these movements using these devices.
  • Flexibility in daily updates, allowing the user to synchronize by voucher type and date and for a group or more of transactions.
  • The system can be integrated with the automatic inventory system so that in case it's activated it receives all the movements that are done on the mobile devices and discharge them on the main system database. All reports concerning the inventory whether over limit or under limit are extracted through the system as well as modifying material balances automatically by the results of the automatic inventory.
  • Reports & Inquiry:

    The system provides all necessary reports and inquiries to maintain the operation of the system whether linked to the main daily activities in addition to the analytical and historical necessary reports.