The user can maintain employee information (such as name, place of birth, ...) as well as financial and administrative information and other information related to the employee.

Information of dependents of employees is entered and then determines the status of each dependent and selects all the fields that affect the family bonus and income tax.

Tax exemptions are defined for each employee, according to applicable exemptions in the law.

Academic qualifications are defined for each employee in detail so as to determine the year of graduation, specialty, country and institution in addition to public recognition.

Introduction of training courses and different themes and the duration of each session and venue for each employee.

Through the system you can identify previous experience for any employee to be appointed in the organization, if any.

Through the system the following types of employments are processed:

  • Daily Employment
  • Monthly Employment
  • Contract Employment
  • Basic employee Information is updated depending on the different information available and the based on the available various employment decisions.

    Bonuses and deductions in the contract are automatically updated to the bonuses and deductions files for contract employees.

    Maintain various administrative decisions information, such as transportation decisions and other administrative procedures from discount, alert, and other decisions.

    The system provides the possibility of issuing direct orders work depending on the type of employment.

    Through the system it is possible to enter annual employment assessment restrictions.

    Through the system the balance due is determined for all types of annual and sick leave for both employment degree or by the labor & workers law which is based on the past.

    The user can enter the opening balances for annual and sick leave.

    The system provides the user the ability to follow the daily movements of the leaves, whether (annual, sick, absent or accidental, and any other types of vacations are which defined in the system).

    The system allows the user to follow up the personal, official and sick departures.

    At the end of the year the user can rotate the leave balances automatically for the New Year.

    The user can maintain the serial numbers of applications for employment during the year.

    The system allows the user to enter the constraints of end services of the employees according to their causes and in this case, updating the status of the employee's salary directly on the primary constraint of the employee.

    Employee can withdraw his resignation if he takes back his resignation after being entered. The system automatically adjusts the fields affected by the pre-previous decision to resign.