ITACNet General Ledger System is the central core for the financial and administrative activities. This system came to cover the work and activities of companies and institutions regardless of the nature of the company/organization operation, whether a partnership or contribution or non-profit organization.

ITACNet General Ledger specializes in that it is easy to use through the standard distinctive application interface with a large number of options needed by the user during the implementation of the different activities. On the other hand the system has a security and protection system and accredited tracing capability to increase the confidence of the user in the security of data.

General System Features:

  • Flexibility in the definition of chart of account within the main groups and subgroups for an unlimited number of accounts; users has the flexibility to define accounts according to the financial policy of the company without being limited to a certain numbering method, while maintaining a fixed length of the account number which is specified in the constants of the system, whether this account accepts the transaction or the account address only.
  • Multi-level cost centers in which one cost center can be divided into sub-levels so that each level can be divided into nine sub-levels; so that the user can define user accounts and link them to the specified cost center which deals with this account.
  • The system provides the possibility of linking accounts and classifying them into business or product groups and the system provides a set of analytical and accumulated reports for these groups.
  • ITACNet General Ledger handles simple accounting transactions such as cash /checks reception and issuing, and complex vouchers as well. They system has the ability of adding voucher types with its own description according to the user demand. It also has the ability of defining repeated periodical transactions according to a pre-defined period procedure.
  • The ability of classifying the vouchers to main vouchers and sub-vouchers with the capability of maintaining manual and automatic numbering of the serial numbers of the main vouchers , with the ability to keep numbers of sub-vouchers in the system with all the movements and inquire about the sub-voucher number later.
  • Multi-year with the ability to write-off movements that belong to previous years, while maintaining the balances in those years.
  • The ability of distribution of expenses and revenue to the cost centers automatically or manually according to predefined ratios or equally as desired by the user.
  • ITACNet General Ledger System has the ability of copying vouchers, and the ability of keeping the favorite transactions to be reviewed from time to time.
  • Extract standard reports such as trial balance, profit & loss statement and balance sheet in any financial period without the need for daily closing of all transactions.