SR30 Handheld Scanner

The flexible SR30 handheld scanner automatically adapts to new interfaces, making it easy to install and equally easy to reconfigure. Integrated Vista linear imaging technology delivers fast, accurate scanning even when bar codes are less than perfect. Ideal for Point-of-Service applications.


SR61T Tethered Industrial Handheld Scanners

Intermec's tethered SR61T family of industrial handheld scanners offers linear, area imager, and laser scanning options for harsh, industrial environments. With the SR61T, users have a choice without having to make a compromise.

SR61TXR Tethered Extra-Range 2D Scanner

With a choice of linear, matrix and composite bar code reading, the SR61TXR eliminates the need for multiple scanners, and substantially reduces the cost of ownership, all while meeting extended range scanning requirements.

SR61B Rugged Wireless Handheld Scanner

Intermec's wireless SR61B incorporates industry-standard Bluetooth radio technology into a cordless handheld scanner perfect for stand-alone wireless data collection interfacing to Bluetooth-enabled hosts in rugged, industrial environments. The SR61B offers three choices of Intermec scan optics, including linear and area imaging, and the MEMS-based laser.

SR61Bex Rugged Wireless Near/Far Handheld Scanner

The SR61Bex cordless scanner integrates our breakthrough EX25 scan engine, enabling users to scan any kind of bar code from near or far, in any orientation, and to capture images too. The SR61Bex incorporates rugged design and seamless Bluetooth wireless communication.