SG10T General Duty Linear Imager

The SG10 is an entry level general duty 1D scanner intended for applications that require traditional linear bar code scanning at an affordable price. The SG10 differs from many leading products in this class because it is designed with a reliable solid state CCD imager.

SG20 General Duty Imager

An affordable, performance handheld scanner suited to the demands of countertop scanning in retail point-of-sale, office, library, and light manufacturing. Available in tethered (corded) or Bluetooth wireless, with your choice of 1D or 2D imager.

SG20 Healthcare 2D Imager

All of the speed and ergonomics of the general purpose SG20 scanner, but in a white disinfectant-ready housing built to withstand the regular cleaning protocols of healthcare environments. Available in tethered (corded) or Bluetooth wireless.