Information Technology & Automation Co.

Information Technology & Automation Co. (ITAC) was established in 2002 as a solution provider specialized in advanced and integrated solutions in the information technology field. Since its’ establishment ITAC has been working on developing its’ products, services as well as software solutions, to become one of Jordan's leading providers. ITAC has been operating and started its activities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

ITAC’s headquarter is based in Amman, Jordan. It has a branch in Erbil, Iraq which aims to serve the Kurdistan region as well as the Iraq country. ITAC is the pleased recipients of some of the region’s top IT graduates. Our pool of talented, educated and creative minds means ITAC has a comparative advantage to present to the surrounding regional market. Indeed, ITAC is well on its way to achieving its ambition; to establish its presence in every Arab Country throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


ITAC’s mission is to make technology an asset for development of the customers’ business. We aim at developing and supplying the most advanced, integrated software solutions and services to our clients in the most simple and straight-forward way. Our mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive web based ERP, mobility and custom solutions. Also ITAC provides automated business solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Productivity, efficiency, profitability and professionalism are ensured to reach the top extent.

ITAC’s objective is to work around the customer's business hand in hand to support growth. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with the customer's business. As a technology partner the success of ITAC’s business is proportional to the customer's.

Currently, ITAC is focusing on improving existing products and software solutions with full hardware and networking compatibility. We also pride ourselves on the malleability of our expertise, allowing us to customize our products to the client’s exact needs and requirements. Expanding our product portfolio, including developing software solutions tailored to a wide variety of sectors, is an integral part of our vision.


ITAC’s Vision is to be a pioneer in the information technology field both regionally and worldwide through our solutions which serve many business sectors.

The mainstay of ITAC overall vision lays in our ongoing commitment to become one of Jordan’s leading providers in advanced software solutions within the Information Technology Sector. Through its unwavering determination and expertise, ITAC is looking forward to enlarging the customer database while maintaining top quality of work. The more connected ITAC is with its clients and the more responsive we are the greater success we can garner and the faster progress we can attain.


ITAC, as the anagram in its name aims to suggest, is a leading provider of advanced software for information technology, with 10+ years of experience in the field and a robust group of clients to show for its success to date. Through the continuous provision of truly innovative and cutting-edge technologies, ITAC has overcome its fair share of challenges since its inception. This, we strongly believe, has been the result of our conviction: that in order to succeed within a fiercely competitive sector, both at home and abroad, our software solutions must deliver the binary of reliable, advanced knowledge and technology with user accessibility and implementation. Herein lays our strongest comparative advantage.

Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, ITAC regards itself as the country’s pioneering, premier software provider, furnishing clients with comprehensive, yet customizable packages to suit their every need. ITAC product portfolio spans an entire spectrum of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs), Mobility, SMEs solutions, and more customized, specialized solutions. ITAC also prides itself on its ability to provide highly customized Solutions, specifically tailored to its client’s needs and daily operations.

The expertise behind these systems is derived from our pool of highly qualified technicians, system developers and specialized experts in system analysis, as well as through the valuable feedback we receive from our loyal client base.

We realize that the complex business environment of today imperatively demands equally complex business structures, and we adeptly provide systems to match company-specific requirements.

Since its early beginnings in 2002, ITAC has experienced a significantly steep growth curve, posting substantial sales and revenue figures, as well as considerable increases in the number of clients it caters to and the sectors in which it operates. In response, our team of developers, system analysts, sales team and customer care personnel have also grown in parallel with our success.

Our methodology of operation has proven to be instrumental to our successes. We enter the equation as consultants and commit to thoroughly understanding the needs of our clients and the intricacies of their day-to-day demands.

Thereafter, our team of highly specialized project managers, developers and experts come together to tailor specific solutions to suit customer needs in a manner that positively contributes to customer revenues and significantly minimizes overall costs.


ITAC team of professional employees, encompassing trained developers, project managers, sales professionals and customer care personnel represent one of the company’s most vital assets. Our employees are valued on their integrity, professional capabilities and desire to improve, grow, and Present our clients with the most advanced technology in the field.

To this end, ITAC managers offer employees an innovative package of incentives and rewards in a bid to ensure their continued motivation and job satisfaction. All ITAC human valued resources share the common goal of pursuing the latest progresses in Information Technology at both the local and international scenes. Our employees are enthusiastic individuals, forming a creative team committed to ITAC vision. They are thus a vital component of our success story.

Moreover, with our focus on lifelong learning, all employees are encouraged to continue on with their educational endeavors, gaining international certifications, attending workshops and participating in conferences both within the Kingdom and the region as a whole.

Moreover, employees are regularly encouraged to participate in local and international training courses by ITAC keen and determined administration.